Design of Tiendanube admin for merchants

The product behind $2 billion per year in sales

The Tiendanube admin panel is the place where hundres of thousands of merchants and entrepreneurs log in every day to manage their businesses. It is a product that encompasses the whole experience of the platform. Our merchants come from all backgrounds and have many different experiences. Some of them manage their stores from their car, while driving their kids to school, while working their main job, on their homes, offices or warehouses. In any and all of these scenarios, the admin has to work breezingly fast, allowing them to upload products, manage their orders or getting in touch with their customers.

Raising the bar for +120.000 businesses in LATAM

When I joined the team, the company was undergoing a major infrastructure migration and part of that work was to migrate the core product, the admin, to a new technology.

We started working on a redesign of the product, which hadn't been improved in over 5 years. Our premise for this project was enabling the users to manage their businesses from anywhere, regardless of their technology or device.

We encouraged a mobile-first approach, where we aimed to close the feature-gap between our desktop and mobile versions.

The mobile app was launched on January 2021 for iOS and Android, and the results where overwhelming. In just under 3 months, the average ratings on both appstores rose from around 2-stars to 4.5-stars.

Ever since then I've been collaborating on the design of new and existing features for our platform, and have participated in a number of roles, spanning product discovery, research, interviewing with users, conducting studies with our customers and testing implementations.

I've participated in the design of many features, from special device keyboards to share products, to creating new ways for merchants to manage their stocks across multiple warehouses and locations, and improving the general UX of our navigation and user interfaces.

As a Design Engineer, I've also contributed to the codebase by developing the features I designed, serving as a one-man design & development team.

Today our product is being used by over a hundred thousand businesses and allowing them to realize their dreams of being entrepreneurs in a very challenging market that is Latin America.